Summer Harvest: Crop Circle Exhibition and Center closes for 2017 to be back in 2018

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Honeystreet (Großbritannien) – As harvest-times heats up in Europs crop fields, also the crop circle season nears its annual winter break – so does the „Crop Circle Exhibition and Center“ in its new home, „The Barge Inn“-pub at Honeystreet near Alton Barnes. The Exhibition featured the History and state of Crop Circle research – and will be back next summer.

Having organised and curated the very first exhibition on crop circles and the research behind the phenomenon in a science museum in 2014, crop circle researchers Monique Klinkenbergh and Andreas Müller presented the updated and extended version of their exhibition this year at the newly renovated barn house of „The Barge Inn“, a local pub at Honeystreet (near Alton Barnes) in Wiltshire – the meeting place for crop circle enthusasts (so-called „Croppies“) for more than two decades.

Now after packing and storing the exhibition for ist winter break, Monique Klinkenbergh draws a posititive balance: „Even if this years exhibition was shown for one month only, we had more than 3.000 visitors and from literally every corner of the crop circle community as well as locals we received positive reviews. Most people enjoyed the ‚Timeline‘ outside the extensive indoor exhibition-rooms, that summarizes the known crop circle history (…starting in 1590) pointing out the most important key-events. This timeline gives the visitor the opportunity to have a condensed kind of preview of what can be studied indoors in much more depth.

The Historical Crop Circle Timeline in front of the exhibition.


Another positive aspect of this years exhibition – back in the „heartland of the crop circle phenomenon“, was ist attraction to local farmers and residents of crop circle fields: „It was nice to see that the exhibition not only attracted crop circle enthusiasts but was also vsited by many locals and farmers of whom many had no idea yet, about all the gathered fact and backgrounds of the phenomenon – but showed a vivid interest to learn more and share their own experiences.“ view of and into the exhibition

Parallel to the exhibition and information centre, the two researchers also ask their visitors – especially local farmers and residents to crop circle fields – to share their experience with the phenomenon and carry out field investigation and interviews with the eyewitness. One major result of this work was the documntation of the memories of farmers wife Shirley Carson, mother of Tim Carson whos family farms one of the most famous crop circle haunted fields in the world, the so-called East Field near Alton Barnes. Shirley remembered crop circles in this areas already in the 1940s and -50s – a memory that fills and important gap in the history of the phenomenon. „This case in special holds major clues for a better understanding not only of the modern day crop circle phenomenon in general but also for its past history dating back decades and even centuries ago“ Müller explains (…read more about Shirley Carsons story HERE).

Until next summer the exhibition is closed, while parts of it are still to be seen and visited out- and inside the „Barge Inn“ also over the winter.

The exhibition’s new published catalogue features also the Historical Timeline (12,50 Euro) and is available at „The Barge Inn“ and „The Henge Shop“ at nearby Avebury. You can also order a copy by sending an email to:

If everything goes as planned, the exhibition will re-open late June in 2018 for a then longer opening period but surely back at the „Barge“…